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37,000. That’s how many people die in road crashes in the United States every year. Whether it’s dangerous weather conditions, faulty machinery, or — one of the biggest offenders — human error, dozens of American lives are lost each day because of motor vehicle-related accidents. Here is a collection of helpful articles, website posts, and links for you to utilize in your future educational safety lessons:

What to do when pulled over

Download AAA's mini module on how to teach your students what to do if they get pulled over. 

Drowsy Driving Prevention guide

"One of the most dangerous things about drowsy driving is that you may not even realize you’re doing it." Find out why drowsy driving is dangerous, who is at risk, how it happens, and how to prevent it.

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bicycle safety around the world

Whether you plan on cycling in the Americas (North/South), Europe, Asia, or Africa, learn what it takes to stay safe while biking on the open road. 

The top 10 most bikeable cities

Here is a compilation of the most bike friendly cities around the USA. Discover what they are doing right to promote a "bike to work" lifestyle.

A guide to tire safety

Review the basics to improve vehicle safety and fuel economy. Low tire pressure can really affect your MPG!

Pedestrian Safety Tips

Download this Pedestrian Safety Guide to understand the best way to teach children to walk safely in a multitude of traffic situations. 

senior drivers: 7 Tips for Driver safety

"Driver safety requires more than understanding road signs and traffic laws. As you get older, you'll likely notice physical changes that can make certain actions — such as turning your head to look for oncoming traffic or braking safely — more challenging. Still, older drivers can remain safe on the road. Consider seven tips for older drivers..."

texting while walking

Texting while walking is more dangerous than you think!  Find out what the most common accidents are and reach about some helpful advice for the distracted.

eco-friendly auto tips

Explains easy ways to improve fuel economy and get more out of every tank of gas.

8 tips to stop your teen's texting and driving habit

Just how dangerous is texting while driving? Here are eight different talking points parents can use while discussing the consequences of texting and driving.

Driving with Pets

Pets are part of the family too! Learn the proper procedures on how to keep our furry friends save while traveling in an automobile.

auto driving tips for the new driver

Useful resources for novice drivers to improve their skills.

what's wrong with my car? Where do i begin?

An in-depth guide to help ordinary people figure out what might be causing their car problems.