#ItCanWait Video

"Park" your Cellphones Video

Learn more about teen driver safety at www.teendriversource.org. This 30-second PSA offers teens a way to "park" their cell phones before they drive. It is based on a key reason teens cite for not talking or texting while driving -- the need to focus on driving.

WISDOT’s presents a video to teach you how to use the DEC system in Wisconsin

Video on "Speaking Up to Slow Down." Teenagers crash in CampbellsportWisconsin. (26 minutes)

In Close to Home, we are introduced to six characters on a perfectly average day. Their lives are then irrevocably changed by the devastating consequences of a seemingly innocent glance at a phone while driving. No post is worth a life. It Can Wait.

AT&T video on texting and driving (10 minutes)

This is an excellently produced educational video about motorcycle safety. We need to watch and look twice for motorcycle riders. I would encourage any leader of any group to share this with your group. Please feel free to share it on Facebook and the other social networking sites.