AAA Wisconsin link for parents/teens.

Oregon DMV Teen Driving

Key Highlights: Videos and articles on:

Drunk Driving Among Students & Teens – A Cheat Sheet

Key Highlights:

  • What is a DUI or DWI?

  • What are the Legal Ramifications of Drunk Driving?

  • Drinking Among College & High School Students


Articles and videos on teaching teens how to park (parallel, uphill, downhill, angle, and perpendicular). Driving tips on turning, insurance, buying a car, and passing safely.

AAA Digest of Motor Laws

Driving laws from each state.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Information on Wisconsin’s Department of Transportation, DMV info, Forms, and Online services

Cross Roads- Teen Driving

Information on distracted driving, speeding, and safety tips.

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

Traffic safety news, quizzes, and useful links from AAA

The Driving Zone 2

Andy Pilgrim’s website on essential information for new drivers.

Before the Wheel- Teen Driver Coaching Strategies

Tips on teaching teens to drive, texting and driving, technology for drivers, and safe driving awareness.

Videos on the new safety devices that have been added to our cars. The list includes: backup cameras, blind spot monitor, tire pressure monitor, auto park, curve speed monitor, lane deviation monitor, and numerous other safety devises.